Tracy Leavenworth, Vendor

Tracy’s Woodcrafts, Owego, NY

Handcrafted signs, plaques, and holiday decorations 
607-687-9648 or

Sharon Frady (with granddaughter Elli), Pipecreek Farm, Candor, NY

More local and regional products available by consignment at the Candor Farmers Market: 

* Dairy goat cheese products, fresh eggs and more from Side Hill Acres, Candor, NY​, available at the M&M Farms tent

* Cheeses from Snow Farm Creamery, Brooktondale, NY, available at the Billion Berry tent

* Regionally raised non-GMO meat from Lowery Family Farms,  Savonah, NY, available at the M&M Farms tent

* Local non-GMO meat from from Twin Oak Farm in Owego, NY

Robin Huizinga of Huizinga Farmstead, Willseyville, NY

Carol Murphree (Board President and Vendor) &

Randall Miles (Onsite Manager, Board Member and Vendor)​

M&M Farms, Candor NY

Denice Peckins

Board Member and Vendor

​Cakes, Cookies and Creations, Candor NY


Steve and Marrell Cortright of Fly West Prims, West Danby, NY

Johanna Husband (here with family) of Candor, NY is a watercolor artist who makes and sells beautiful greeting cards.

Lilly Hobi of Candor, NY sings and plays ukelele, keyboard and saxaphone

Joellen Riggs
Business Manager, Board Member and Vendor
Billion Berry Farms & Billion Berry Bling
Blueberries, handmade crafts and pottery
Candor, NY
Facebook:  Billion Berry Farm

Steve and Donna Savacool of D&S Produce, Owego, NY

Theresa Alexander of Art Garden, Candor, NY

The Candor Farmers Market began in the spring of 2013. We give local vendors and farmers a place to come together and share fresh produce, baked goods, eggs, honey, meat, other foods, handcrafts and more with the community. Our market is held in the Candor Community Pavilion at the Candor Town Hall each Thursday from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, usually from sometime in June through mid or late September.  

Maria Cole (and crew!) of Fleece, Stitch and Glitz, Candor, NY

WE ARE EXCITED TO WELCOME THESE new vendors for 2018! 

Sharon Frady, Pipecreek Farm, Candor, NY
Stephen & Donna Savacool, D & S Produce, Owego, NY
Lilly Hobi, Musician, Candor, NY

Marrell Cortright, Fly West Prims, West Danby, NY
Johanna Husband, Johanna van der Sterre, Candor, NY
James and Marie Weaver, Woodcock Valley Farm & Unique Tastes, Newark Valley, NY
Maria Cole, Fleece, Stitch and Glitz, Candor, NY

Pat Lightbody,  Homespun Designs, Candor, NY

Peggy VanVorce, West Creek Family Farm, Newark Valley, NY

Robin & Bill Huizinga, Huizinga Farmstead, Willseyville, NY

Theresa Alexander, Art Garden, Candor, NY

And our returning vendors and board members

Denice Peckins, Cakes, Cookies and Creations, Candor, NY

Joellen (Jodi) Riggs, Billion Berry Farm, Candor, NY

Tracy Leavenworth, Tracy's Woodcrafts, Owego, NY

Randall Miles & Carol Murphree, M&M Farms, Candor, NY